It's Top Secret... Almost

The servers we lease are located in two Manchester Datacentres, United Kingdom.

Both datacentres have onsite engineers, redundant N+1 UPS and N+1 diesel generators to keep the power on during a blackout. The Datacentres are fitted with fire suppression and VESDA detection systems.

Both have leading accreditations (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and PCI DSS) and follow the best security practices with access controls to ensure both the servers and your data is protected.

Rumor has it that the servers are next door to the Manchester Universities Super Computer but due to the amount of security it's impossible to confirm this. Click here to read more.

We wanted to share some photos but again security said no and that was that.

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Server Rack

Server Structure

The servers are setup with CloudLinux and cPanel. cPanel is then combined with CloudLinux to make a secure and fair hosting platform for all users.

CloudLinux places all users in a virtual container preventing anyone escaping and doing anything milicious.

Both cPanel and CloudLinux play an important role in making sure the servers are secure and safe from resource hoggers. Before CloudLinux we had no way of limiting resources, yes was hard times.

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