How to build a professional website in 2020 – Simplified

Building a professional website in 2020 is more simple than you think. Unless it’s a custom build web application no web designer will be coding websites from scratch.

You need 4 components for a professional website.

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Professional Website Theme

Domain Names

  • Your domain name is the name of your website e.g.
  • The web hosting is the home of your website files and data.

Domain names are often registered at the same time you purchase web hosting. They can also be purchased from other online services called Domain Registrars. Prices are often the same with a few pence to spare.

After you have purchased your domain name you own it BUT you have to pay a yearly or biennial fee to keep it online and active. Every domain name can be purchased for a minimum of 1 year but can range up to 10 years.

Before you can purchase a domain name you must first check if its available to purchase and that someone has not already purchased it before you.

Have ago at searching for your own domain name. It’s a free process. Click here

Web Hosting

  • Web Hosting is storage for your website files to go almost like USB Thumb Drive but available to the internet.
  • You pay a monthly or yearly fee to keep your web hosting online.
  • Domain Name and Web Hosting are required to get your website online. One will not work without the other.

Web Hosting provides a home for your website files. They are served to your customers when they visit your website. They can access your website by typing the domain name in their browser, clicking a link you have shared via Social Media or via popular search engines such as Google. We need to focus on 2 aspects of Web Hosting:

Diskspace is the size of the storage you have to store your files. 2GB Thumb Drive can only store 2GB of files. This is the same with web hosting.

Bandwidth is like the fuel of a car the more you have the further you can go. Bandwidth is consumed every time a customer visits your website. Depending on the size of your website page 30Gb of bandwidth per month could serve your page 2000 per day.

Providing your disk space and bandwidth is primarily being used for your website files and not the storage of your friends music collection most hosts do not limit this. Most hosting providers ask that you adhere to the “Fair Use Policy” – In English, don’t consume the entire disk space or bandwidth to yourself. 95% of normal websites do not ever come close to this which is the main reason that web hosting providers do not limit it.

If your website suddenly becomes the next .com consuming an unbelievable amount of disk space and bandwidth then at the hosting providers desecration they may offer you something more suitable for the size of your website.

We provide both domain name and web hosting services here at Moon Web Hosting.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • A CMS provides the functionality to manage and edit your website in your web browser.
  • No coding skills required to edit your own website.
  • Professional web designers are using this to get websites built in minutes.
  • It has the front end (what your customer sees) and control panel (what you use to manage your website)

A popular CMS professional web designers use is WordPress. It was built in 2003 and is 100% free for anyone to download and use.

Most Domain Name and Web Hosting providers will set this up for you for free when you take out Web Hosting with them.

We offer WordPress hosting here. Simply order our WordPress Hosting Package. WordPress is automatically setup and installed for you. No technical skills required.

Once the order is completed you will have access to your brand new WordPress website but before you go getting excited you need to get a theme for your new website.

Professional Website Theme

In order for your website to look fantastic we need a theme. You don’t want to spend hours coding one from scratch. Instead we introduce you to BeTheme.

BeTheme is a multipurpose WordPress theme which has over 500+ built in website themes ready to use with your brand new WordPress website. This professional WordPress theme will save you hours trawling the internet for free or broken themes that don’t work out the box.

Once you have purchased BeTheme follow the instructions on how to install it which is provided by the developers. Its easy to install and can be done within minutes. If you struggling then drop us a message and we can install it for you for free providing you have purchased Web Hosting from us.

BeTheme is fully customizable in every aspect. Drag and drop elements so you don’t have to code a thing. Create as much content and as many pages as you like.

It’s also responsive ready which means your customers can browse your website with just their mobile phone or tablet without a problem.

Ready to get started?

Still stuck? Drop us a message and see if we can get you going. Please note we will only set this up and resolve problems getting you up and running. Adding content and pages is your responsibility.